Cont: FreeBSD/TDS

Marco Wijtkamp marco.wijtkamp at
Thu Mar 15 05:36:27 EST 2001


I reported a problem earlier using FreeBSD 4.2/FreeTDS/Apache/PHP4. I can 
not get a connection made to ms-sql server 6.5. On the ms-sql server side 
nothing is changed and used the common functions to connect to the 
databaseserver. Also tried the fully working php scripts I run on a linux 
server. Now a friend of mine can connect but the num count tells him there 
are 34 rows in the resultset but the php page does not show them all.

Is there anyone who has FreeTDS running on FreeBSD ?
(tried the stable and the current version of FreeTDS using the tdsver-4.2 
when configuring the source)
Met vriendelijke groet,
M. Wijtkamp
ADP Nederland BV

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