Delay closing resultsets

Fernando Lozano fsl at
Fri Sep 29 21:32:37 EDT 2000

Hi there!

I am using the freetds jdbc driver for an application that queries
MS SQL Server 7 on a WAN. My application requires searches that
returns thousands of rows such as like 'name%' queries.

Most of the time my users will see the first dozens of rows and then
quit to a more refined search, but it looks like the freetds jdbc
driver conties to fetch all rows when I close it. The result is a
big delay (which can be of several minutes) when the user wants to
try another search. Using Connection.cancel() has the same result. 

Is this a bug of the driver, some feature not yet implemented, or
what? The only workaround I got so far is to call
Statement.setMaxRows(), but this way the user won't be able to see
all results, and this is not desirable.

Any hints will be very apreciated.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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