Looking for beta testers (rpm installation of Php + SQL Server 7 module)

Jean-Michel POURE jmpoure at axitrad.com
Fri Sep 29 06:23:45 EDT 2000

Hello Nadeem,

Php 4.0 (http://www.php.net) is web scripting engine based on zend
(http://www.zend.org). Php 4.0 is currently the most popular tool for
developing server-side web environment on both Linux and IIS40.

1) If you run Win32 (Apache or IIS40)
Php 4.0 is compatible with Apache or IIS40? Visit
http://download.swwwing.com/php4/ and http://www.php.net/downloads.php.

2) If you run Linux + Apache
Feel free to visit http://fsr.ku.dk/people/troels/rpms/php/ and download
ready to run packages.

I run a linux platform and will not be able to help you although the
project seems interesting. Maybe you should post a new question and ask
for help.

Best regards,

> Hi Jean
> I have been struggling to get freetds_jdbc working with java IDE Powerj with
> MSSQL 6.5 and MSSQL 7 on WINNT 4.
> Stefan Bodewig has been helping me.
> These are the problems:
> 1. Since freetds is an unfinished driver as aresult there are Not
> Implemented exceptions throughout, when you are writing java code you can
> deal with these exceptions and ignore them but when you are using a java
> code generator then it stops on every exception. As a result I have not been
> able to use freetds.
> 2. There are some fundamental ways in which freetds is implemented which are
> 'unusual' for example, if Powerj sends out a select statement to get a
> resultset to fill a databound control, freetds actually creates a stored
> procedure to which it passes the select statement, the result set looks
> unfamiliar to Powerj and it stops.
> Questions:
> 1. What is PHP, are you looking for WINNT beta testers
> 2. Will you be interested in the implementation environment I described
> above.
> Thanks
> Nadeem at mp-integrators.com
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> > Hello all,
> >
> > Help wanted to beta test the rpm installation of php 4 + SQLServer 7
> > extension. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Jean-Michel POURE
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