Looking for beta testers (rpm installation of Php + SQL Server 7 module)

nadeem nadeem at mp-integrators.com
Thu Sep 28 13:31:26 EDT 2000

Hi Jean
I have been struggling to get freetds_jdbc working with java IDE Powerj with
MSSQL 6.5 and MSSQL 7 on WINNT 4.
Stefan Bodewig has been helping me.
These are the problems:
1. Since freetds is an unfinished driver as aresult there are Not
Implemented exceptions throughout, when you are writing java code you can
deal with these exceptions and ignore them but when you are using a java
code generator then it stops on every exception. As a result I have not been
able to use freetds.
2. There are some fundamental ways in which freetds is implemented which are
'unusual' for example, if Powerj sends out a select statement to get a
resultset to fill a databound control, freetds actually creates a stored
procedure to which it passes the select statement, the result set looks
unfamiliar to Powerj and it stops.

1. What is PHP, are you looking for WINNT beta testers
2. Will you be interested in the implementation environment I described
Nadeem at mp-integrators.com
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> Hello all,
> Help wanted to beta test the rpm installation of php 4 + SQLServer 7
> extension. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested.
> Regards,
> Jean-Michel POURE
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