Real Datatype with MSSql Server 7.0 sp2

Paul Sawyier psawyier at
Wed Sep 27 17:21:38 EDT 2000

I am running into the same problem with a money field type. The way I plan to track it
down is using the gdb debugger. Let me know if you find anything and I'll let you know
if I find anything.

By the way, I'm a newbie to this - what is "php 4.0"?


John W wrote:

> Every time i query a table with a dataelement of type real in mssql server
> 7.0 sp2 freetds returns 0 for the value.  Is there any way i can trace
> this to see what is going on.  I am running freetds current snapshot with
> php 4.0.
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