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Ruslan R. Laishev Laishev at SMTP.DeltaTel.RU
Wed Sep 27 01:59:58 EDT 2000

Hi Bob!
	I don't think that it need to write a README file for 30 lines of code. I'll continue
to write ISQL.C program but using pure VMS facilities ($CLI, $FAO) for my own needs.

	I will "port" with a pleasure whole freetds package when it will be ready for
end-user (it's not so at the time).

Ps:To list maintainer:please, remove a "Welcome to get out" stuff, added at end of an
every mail.

Bob Kline wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Ruslan R. Laishev wrote:
> > Hi All!
> >
> >       I wrote "ISQL-like" progs for test purpose, I suspect that it
> > will be more useful than t0001.c or t0002.c from distribution kit.
> > :-) For VMS users descrip.mms is provided.
> >
> >       I removed VMS specific stuff, and this progs supposed to be
> > portable to *ix platform.
> >
> >
> Thanks.  If you really want it to be useful beyond your own environment,
> you might want to consider the following enhancements:
>  1. Add a makefile
>  2. Lowercase the filenames (to match the #include statements; VMS
>     isn't case-sensitive, but *n*x is)
>  3. Pack up the source into a single (possibly compressed) archive.
>  4. Echo a usage statement instead of dumping core when the expected
>     environment variables are not set.
>  5. Add a README file.
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