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Mon Sep 25 05:01:18 EDT 2000

Hello all,

Thank you for the information of using FreeTDS latest snapshots, I will !

A few months ago, I used to compile Apache and Php from the daily
snapshots. As you know, PHP snapshots do not always compile well for
various reasons (glibc, etc...), especially when you include the latest

Therefore, experimented users usually create their own compilation script
to upgrade Apache + Php 4. But this requires skills and time for testing !

To solve this problem, Troels ARVIN publishes PHP 4 RPMS build from PHP
snapshots. You can find them on Troels homepage I notived the RPMs were updated

Now, do I have to switch back to the old way of compiling FreeTDS or
should I wait until FreeTDS RPMS are available ? Has anyone contacted
Troels to work on an MS SQL Server PHP RPM extension ?

Thank you for your help, regards,

> At 06:19 AM 9/22/2000 -0400, you wrote:
> >Dear all,
> >
> >I am new to this mailing list and would like to say Hello to everyone.
> >
> >I run PHP4.02 (Linux) + MySQL 3.23.24(Linux) + MS SQL Server 7-SP2. I am
> >wondering what is the best way to install FreeTDS with PHP. I guess the
> >solution is to build PHP and FreeTDS from source source.
> >
> >Troels ARVIN provides PHP4 RPMS for users of up-to-date Red Hat Linux 
> >systems at If anyone is in the
> >process of created FreeTDS + PHP RPMs for MS SQL, it might be helpfull to
> >contact him.
> t's pretty easy to compile PHP. I compile it as a DSO (--with-apxs) and
> just load it into apache. There is no need to compile apache too. Just make
> sure you are using the CVS snapshot.
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