FreeTDS under VMS

Ruslan R. Laishev Laishev at SMTP.DeltaTel.RU
Mon Sep 25 03:15:09 EDT 2000

Hello James!

	As I wrote I got it to work by setting TDSVER to "42". Now I thinking about of
writting ISQL like utility under VMS. 

	Yes. I using Alpha, I'll check it under VAX/VMS also.

James Cameron wrote:
> "Ruslan R. Laishev" wrote:
> > I have tried to port the latest FreeTDS to VMS, i compiled code under
> > /src/tds. It's Ok. Now, I try to test it by t0002 program, I see by
> > TCPDUMP that connect/login is OK, I see that "select ..." string is
> > sent to M$ SQL server, but nothing returned back.
> I'm very interested in helping you to get this to work, because we would
> like to have FreeTDS working on OpenVMS machines here at Compaq.
> Are you using Alpha?  Are you able to compare the tcpdump between a
> Linux machine and an OpenVMS machine?
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