[JDBC] DatabaseMetaData and the various servers

Stefan Bodewig bodewig at bost.de
Thu Sep 14 02:30:33 EDT 2000

>>>>> "BK" == Bob Kline <bkline at rksystems.com> writes:

 BK> Ironically, Microsoft (and perhaps even the most recent
 BK> version(s) of Sybase -- I don't know) is now doing the standard
 BK> thing,

I was surprised to see SQL-92 (yes, INFORMATION_SCHEMA is *that* old)
conformant stuff myself 8^).

 BK> but the approach which works across the widest combination
 BK> of versions for both Sybase and MS SQL Server would be to use the
 BK> system tables they have in common; i.e., sysobjects, systypes,
 BK> sysusers, syscolumns, sysdatabases, etc.

Do you know where I could find a comprehensive list of these common
system tables - I mean which are there, not their content as I can
find this in my SQL Server 7 documentation myself?

I think we should base as many DatabaseMetadata methods as possible on
them instead of building our own temprorary tables.


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