return value from stored procedure

Darrin Thompson dthompson at
Wed Sep 13 10:53:42 EDT 2000

The return value from a procedure is handled like a parameter I think. 
Fetch_array only fetches datasets. Select creates datasets, that's why 
fetch_array worked. I don't know the procedure for handling output 
parameters off-hand or I would write it in for you.


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On 9/13/00, 2:04:50 AM, Sam Sam <s4m at> wrote regarding [freetds] 
return value from stored procedure:

> Hello, =))
> I wrote a stored procedure which return some value on ms sql server 7.0 
my stored procedure is like this:
> CREATE PROCEDURE sam (@nilai char(1))
> if @nilai='A'
>   begin
>   return 1
>   end
> else
>   begin
>   return 0
>   end
> then i ran a query and fetch_array from php 4.0.1, it didn't return 
anything.. but if i change the return with select statement, it went 
alright.. any explanation on this ??

> thanks,
> sam

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