PHP/tds issue

Michael Kimsal michael at
Wed Sep 13 09:10:03 EDT 2000

Thanks.  I should have mentioned these too...

PHP is currently a module (compiled --with-apxs).  There are
no core dumps, no seg faults, nothing in the Apache error log
at all.  Apache is still running fine (even that child).

Haven't tried CGI mode yet - I'll see if I can set that up.


Brian Bruns wrote:

> Questions, is PHP run through dso or statically compiled in?  Is the httpd
> child core dumping? If so can you get a stack trace off the core file? Are
> you using persistant connections? Have you tried running PHP in cgi mode
> (like on a test server on a different port) and does it still happen
> there?
> We may need to tweak the code a bit to see what is going...Let me know
> Brian
> On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, Michael Kimsal wrote:
> > Hello all.  :)
> >

Michael Kimsal

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