PHP/tds issue

Michael Kimsal michael at
Tue Sep 12 18:57:18 EDT 2000

Francis Smit wrote:

> Michael Kimsal wrote:
> > Hello all.  :)
> >
> > I'm having a devil of a time tracking this one down - I hope someone has
> > some knowledge here that can fix this.
> >
> > Situation:
> > We've been developing a web app for a couple months.  We're using PHP4
> > with the latest freetds and MSSQL7 (sp1).  Things were pretty fine up until about a
> > week ago.  *something's* changed, but I don't know what.  We are
> > now *often* having a page come back 'document contained no data' or the
> > IE equivalent.  By often I mean perhaps every 50 requests or so.  This NEVER used to
> > happen - we wouldn't have pressed forward with this if it did.
> >
> You haven't started to replicate the DB have you (or at least Publish
> some tables), if so then make sure your not trying to grab the rowguid column


Not sure what you meant by that - the DB is 'replicated' to the extent that we've
moved all the data from the test area to the 'final' destination.  But all
this was done weeks ago, well before we had any problem.  Any insights?

Michael Kimsal

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