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James Cameron cameron at
Mon Sep 11 17:54:56 EDT 2000

Fabien Roy wrote:
> I did a diff beetween my last checkout (August 17th)and today no
> differences.  Is this the latest source?

So you think someone would have done something overnight?  Why?  They've
been too busy answering fan mail on the FreeTDS mailing list!

Explain which CVS server you are using.  If you truly want to find out
if this source is the latest, ask someone who keeps their local
repository up to date to send you a list of md5sums of the source files,
and you can compare them against yours.

If you suspect that your version of CVS may have a problem, use CVS to
fetch a copy of CVS from CVS's CVS and build that.  ;-)

James Cameron                                      (cameron at

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