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Mon Sep 11 18:48:01 EDT 2000

James Cameron wrote:

> Bob Kline wrote:
> > The ChangeLog isn't kept up to date, for some reason.
> If this is a developer problem, let me humbly point out that if
> developers are using emacs as their primary editor, they need only type
> "Control/X 4 a" at the point they are making a change, and the relevant
> ChangeLog file is loaded and a new entry is begun.
> However, if there are multiple ChangeLog files, like in the
> subdirectories, then the top level file may be unchanged for ages before
> somebody changes something in that directory.
> I don't think looking at a ChangeLog is a reliable way to tell if
> development is continuing.  ;-)  As Bob says, use the source, Luke.

But Remember emacs is from the "Dark Side of the Source",

Vi may be weird but it can be understood, you understand emacs
five minutes before the nice men give you the nice jacket with the
wrap around arms.


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