update query with Freetds

Brian Bruns camber at ais.org
Sat Sep 9 23:32:23 EDT 2000

This was a problem with how DBD::Sybase and PHP(ctlib vers) did binding.
0.47 would have worked with one of them (perl?) then we got some reports
of it not working on the other (php?) and 'fixed' it, not realizing that
the behaviour was different.  I beleive we have it licked in the CVS
version unless anyone will testify otherwise.


On Sat, 9 Sep 2000, Tom Samplonius wrote:

> On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Mark Schaal wrote:
> > > >*nodnod*  Seen it, sweated over it, stuck it on a TODO list for my 
> > > >Copious Free Time (tm) . Our theory is that the MS SQL server uses \0,
> > > >or NULs to mark the end of a string in a fixed length field. 
> > 
> > Yes, our MS SQL here returns a string 'dog' as a length 4 string 'dog\000'.
> > Don't know if Sybase is the same.  I haven't reviewed the issue, but
> > it might be a lose/lose situation because some client programs
> > expect strings to be null terminated.
>   It is a bug.  FreeTDS 0.47 never had this problem.  The problem appeared
> somewhere around FreeTDS 0.50 and has supposedly been fixed in the CVS
> code.  I'm using 0.47 until a new release is finally made.
> Tom

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