update query with Freetds

Tom Samplonius tom at sdf.com
Sat Sep 9 18:37:05 EDT 2000

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Mark Schaal wrote:

> > >*nodnod*  Seen it, sweated over it, stuck it on a TODO list for my 
> > >Copious Free Time (tm) . Our theory is that the MS SQL server uses \0,
> > >or NULs to mark the end of a string in a fixed length field. 
> Yes, our MS SQL here returns a string 'dog' as a length 4 string 'dog\000'.
> Don't know if Sybase is the same.  I haven't reviewed the issue, but
> it might be a lose/lose situation because some client programs
> expect strings to be null terminated.

  It is a bug.  FreeTDS 0.47 never had this problem.  The problem appeared
somewhere around FreeTDS 0.50 and has supposedly been fixed in the CVS
code.  I'm using 0.47 until a new release is finally made.


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