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Laurent DAVID ldavid at tf1.fr
Wed Sep 6 10:57:18 EDT 2000

>>> oportier at atelier.fr 06/09/2000 16:45:47 >>> 
> Hi, 
> Have you got some more information about this insert / update problem of 
> queries to long. 

No, I haven't found anything helpful, but it is a problem
of length for us.
Either insert or update queries fail even though they are really

Only select queries seem to be working on our system.

It's really painful for use, because we really have to use MS SQL
databases on Solaris x86 with PHP3 , but I currently don't see any solution :=((
> i read in older message of this liste, that the current snapshot had this 
> problem fixed for php INSERT querys. is it true? 

It does not seem to be the case on our architecture.

> Where can i find this snapshot cause the url givenin the older messages 
> doesn't work? 
> Olivier 


> Hello, 
> No, the update queries are quite short (less thant 100 characters). 
> The exact feature is : 
> - the update is done into the database 
> - the apache process gets a segmentation error logged into 
> error_log, and then traps, which causes the browser to get 
> no response from the apache server. 

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