[freetds] Rép. : [freetds] Re: update query with Freetds

Olivier Portier oportier at atelier.fr
Wed Sep 6 10:45:47 EDT 2000


Have you got some more information about this insert / update problem of
queries to long.

i read in older message of this liste, that the current snapshot had this
problem fixed for php INSERT querys. is it true?
Where can i find this snapshot cause the url givenin the older messages
doesn't work?


>  Hello,
>  No, the update queries are quite short (less thant 100 characters).
>  The exact feature is :
>  - the update is done into the database
>  - the apache process gets a segmentation error logged into
>  error_log, and then traps, which causes the browser to get
>  no response from the apache server.

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