update query with Freetds

Roger Burton West roger at firedrake.org
Wed Sep 6 09:45:11 EDT 2000

On or about Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 12:32:52AM +1100, Jai Cornes typed:

>*nodnod*  Seen it, sweated over it, stuck it on a TODO list for my 
>Copious Free Time (tm) . Our theory is that the MS SQL server uses \0,
>or NULs to mark the end of a string in a fixed length field. 
>We fixed it last week by having the Perl code trap them (they came out 
>as ^@) with a regex, and delete them.

Yup; I'm doing @array=map{s/\000//og;$_} $sth->fetchrow_array, or
close equivalents.

>And while we're on the DBD::Sybase topic, is it true there's now a 

Yes, but not updated since 1999-01-27. I haven't tried it. Since
it appears that placeholders aren't implemented, I can't see it
giving any great advantage over DBD::Sybase.


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