Problem getting current version.

Michael Kinnaird mkinnaird at CPROMPTINC.COM
Fri Sep 1 16:18:30 EDT 2000

I'm also having problems (and have been for the past two weeks, geez) trying
to get a copy of the freetds jdbc driver.  I figure people already have a
snapshot/download of this driver.  Could someone (or more than one) send me
a copy of what they downloaded to this address..

mkinnaird at

I would greatly appreciate it.  THANKS IN ADVANCE! 


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On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, Dave Blob wrote:

> I think the original author said "down for both ftp and cvs".  
> I tried and confirmed that cvs is down, and I am trying to get the
> jdbc driver. Is there a mirror anywhere?

Try searching the list archives under "daily snapshot" or "latest
snapshot" or something like that.

Bob Kline

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