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Lowden, James K LowdenJK at bernstein.com
Thu Aug 31 23:36:37 EDT 2000


A perusal of bcp.c told me I should have looked more closely at the code
before asking for advice on how to use bcp_sendrow et. al.  The code is
obviously stubbed out.  

I've taken a crack at filling in the stubs.  There are a couple of errors in
the functional prototypes, and bcp_batch in particular needs tds support.
Most of the functionality can be borrowed from the existing static

I've got it working up to the very end, when my version of bcp_done (taken
directly from the tail of _bcp_exec_in) chokes on an error token (170)
instead of TDS_DONE_TOKEN.  Almost certainly, the problem lies in the
sequence of calls to the tds layer or in the bindings (always the most
tedious part of db-lib programming).  

Does anyone there want to see this functionality added to the dblib code?
Would someone be willing to discuss some of the details off-line?  I'm
hoping to implement the db-lib functions by talking to someone who knows the
tds api.  Or who can point me to documents not posted on the web site.  

My lawyer says he's never free but he's always reasonable.  Me, just this
once, I'm offering both.  Any takers?  It *could* be fun.


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