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Thu Aug 31 14:16:30 EDT 2000


I'm trying to bcp into the database where the source data are in program
variables (bcp_send row).  

My bcp_init documentation says (and I'm sure this is public information,
available to anyone who browses www.msdn.microsoft.com):

Is the name of the user file to be copied into or out of SQL Server. If data
is being copied directly from variables using bcp_sendrow, set hfile to

which I do.  But, bcp.c::bcp_init contains the following on line 40 of
version 0.50:

40              dbproc->bcp_hostfile = (char *) malloc(strlen(hfile)+1);

which is not too happy when hfile is 0x00.  

My objectives are two:

1.	To let the team know and ask if and how they'd like a fix for this.
(I've never submitted a fix to any FSF project).  
2.	To ask what the bcp_init function wants in my case.  I assume that
since bcp_sendrow exists, the author must have intended to support loading
from host variables.  

Thank you.  


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