vxworks success!

Dennis N. nicklaus at crusher.fnal.gov
Wed Aug 30 14:49:32 EDT 2000

I was able to successfully build freetds  0.5 for vxWorks.  
However, it pretty much did require creating the makefiles by hand
in order to get what I want.  It wasn't particularly hard, 
I just used the Makefiles generated by configure, then editted
them to put in the required vxworks stuff and give them
very simple library targets.
I added these new "simple library targets" so the makefiles compile the 
sources (*.c in, for example, src/dblib) into .o files, then "ar" the
.o files into a .a file, and this worked just fine.
Unfortunately, I have no idea how to merge this in with autoconf/
automake right now to make it more a permanent part of the whole package.

One other note:
Under sun-solaris, I did find that building the samples/ executables
(cttest and dbtest), they require that you add a -lsocket
to the link line, otherwise they work OK.

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