How to use this mailing list? Passwords?

Dennis N. nicklaus at
Wed Aug 30 14:42:26 EDT 2000

I have a question on how I supposed to use this mailing list.
I went through the other day and subscribed, giving my email
address, but no password (it never actually asks for one.)

So, now when I try to go back to it at
I fill in my email address and leave my
password blank because I don't have one.
then I "click here to enter freetds"
then I'm at the page with 4 buttons:read, create, your settings, leave.
No matter which of those I pick it takes me to a page titled
"Lyris Administrtor Login - Mailing-lists Operated for SunSITE contributors 
- Netscape"
Where it fills in my email as the Name, has a password blank, and
gives me three buttons: List Admin, Site Admin, Server Admin.
Of course if I pick any of the three, it tells me I'm not an 
administrator  because I'm not.

So If I want to sent new messages to the list, I have to go to 
and create a second bogus subscriber ID so that it'll let me
do the things like read, create, your settings, etc.
(It works the first time through after you create your new
subscription, but never again after that.)

Thanks for any clues!

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