Multiple queries from 1 dbopen??,

Dennis N. nicklaus at
Wed Aug 30 14:33:04 EDT 2000

Hello all,
Can someone help me get more than one SQL query per login?

I'm using freetds 5.0 and the dbtest.c program in the samples/
directory.  I successfully connect to our database and can
execute a query and get its results. But then, I want to 
perform a 2nd query and that is where I get stuck.

Wne I call dbresults() the second time, I get an error:
   " The token datastream length was not correct. This is an internal 
     protocol error." (I think it was errno 3805 or so.)

What i'm doing follows exactly what is in samples/dbtest.c: 
	while (dbnextrow(dbproc)!=NO_MORE_ROWS)
then repeat from dbcmd() on down.  The second time through I always
get this datastream length error. 

This happens with my freetds built under sun-solaris and under vxworks.

I don't want to have to re-login (dbclose and another dbopen)
each time I want a new query.  Can someone tell me how to use
the dblib stuff better to solve this problem?
nicklaus at

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