bill dossett bd at emtex.com
Wed Aug 30 08:18:46 EDT 2000

Hi... sorry if this is a stupid question, I may not be going about
this the right way.  I am developing a web app that acesses a database
using apache, tomcat, freetds_jdbc.  The pages were generated by
dreamweaver ultradeve and are a bit of nightmare to debug as I
can't always write messages to html as the variables that I need
aren't there at the right times... so, I noted in the java.sql 
DriverManager, that there was a println that should write to
the drivers log... I also noted that there is a Logger.java
in the freetds_jdbc code and would appear to write to a log
file out.log.  I have tried writing strings to the log, 
but I have searched my system and can't find any evidence
of this file, so am not sure if I have to do something more
to turn the logging on?  

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