Latest snapshot

Daniel Bruce Lynes dlynes1 at
Tue Aug 29 19:59:55 EDT 2000

On Fri, 25 Aug 2000, Ramiro Vazquez wrote:

> I'm interest to use the snapshot, I sure that your snapshot can be useful 
> for me, but I novice in CVS and I cannot use it.
> I try conecting doing 	cvs -d 
> :pserver:anon-cvs at 
> login
> with password anon, but I isn't work...
> Can you tell me how can I use it and compile it??. :)

To login:

cvs -d
:pserver:anon-cvs at

To checkout:

cvs -d
:pserver:anon-cvs at co

I think freetds was the name of the project, anyways.  For the login,
you'll obviously need to enter in the password (anoncvs, if I remember

After you get it, type make -f Makefile.cvs

That will create the configure script for you.  (Assuming I'm not getting
this mixed up with the Oracle unixODBC driver...)

It's been a while since I grabbed the latest CVS snapshot...been busy with
other things lately, so I haven't had a chance.

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