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Bob Kline bkline at
Mon Aug 21 21:23:44 EDT 2000

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Terrance Davis wrote:

> I'm trying to retrieve multiple ResultSets from a stored proc in MS SQL
> Server 7.0 but keep getting:

Where do we stand with the suggestion that it be made easier for users
to determine which version of the driver code they're running?  It would
be so much more straightforward to address questions like this one if we
could just say something like, "Please add the following line to your
test code: 
  System.err.println("driver version: " + DriverVersion.getVersion());
and tell us the output from this statement."

Ideally, the output would contain the date/time of the most recently
modified source code file.  This could be maintained manually, or maybe
even programatically.  I'd be willing to write a little Java program
which created at build time (and mods for the
Makefile) if I got some indication that it would be added to the
distribution.  This would assume the Java runtime was available at build
time, of course.  That doesn't seem like an onerous burden to me.

Bob Kline

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