DBD::Sybase 0.22, FreeTDS 0.5, MSSQL 7.0 -- Stored Procedure Result Problem

Benjamin R. Ginter bginter at asicommunications.com
Mon Aug 21 20:09:27 EDT 2000


As the subject says, I'm using DBD::Sybase 0.22, FreeTDS 0.5, and MSSQL 
7.0.  I'm trying to fetch the result code of a stored procedure with no 
OUTPUT parameters.

I sent an e-mail to Michael Peppler and while he didn't rule out a bug in 
DBD::Sybase, he asked if I had checked with the FreeTDS folks to make sure 
the STATUS results for stored procedures are returned correctly in the 

I tried to look through the source but it's beyond me.

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