Getting table information

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Getting Table Info
I am new to this newsgroup so I may not be sending this article properly.
Please guide me if needed.
1. I am using freetds_jdbc.jar containing class files dated 01/25/00, I
cannot determine the driver version. I need to find out if this is the
latest/proper version to use with MSSQL 6.5-7.0 ?
2. I found another version which I have
not tried to use yet, it has 07/17/00 dates for the class files.What is this
driver, is it the correct version for me to use?
3.   When I am using freetds_jdbc.jar containing class files dated 01/25/00,
the driver works for most functions except for that it does not show tables
and other metadata. That means that I can use embeded sql in Powerj but I
cannot use Powerj's visual database wizards.
Can someone help me with this problem. I will appreciate it.
Nadeem at
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Subject: [freetds] Getting data of text type by using ct_bind and ct_fetch

> Hi, All
> I am new to the freetds, and was playing with it by compiling sqsh and a
> sample program of mine.
> I got problem getting the full data of a text field type from SQL-Server
> 7.0 by using ct_bind, and ct_fetch. At ct_bind, the datalength is 4095,
> after ct_fetch, I only get 265 characters (there are more data in the
> database for this field).
> I even tried to issue "set textsize 8192" after the connection is built,
> but I got no luck.
> Could anybody on this mailing list shed me some light on this? I really
> love this freetds and any help is much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance!
> Ming
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