Getting data of text type by using ct_bind and ct_fetch

Steven Campbell sammynrg at
Sat Aug 19 00:48:15 EDT 2000

Microsoft SQL's compatability layer truncates text field lengths to 255
characters unless you're using TDS 7.0, in which case you'll receive the
actual length of your text, char, and varchar fields.

It doesn't matter about the "SET TEXTSIZE" variable.

There have recently been some issues with TDS 7.0 support, but I know
Scott Gray amongst others has said that he has improved support for TDS
7.0, though its still unclear if the patches have been committed to the
CVS server.

Steven Campbell

MingZ wrote:
> Hi, All
> I am new to the freetds, and was playing with it by compiling sqsh and a
> sample program of mine.
> I got problem getting the full data of a text field type from SQL-Server
> 7.0 by using ct_bind, and ct_fetch. At ct_bind, the datalength is 4095, but
> after ct_fetch, I only get 265 characters (there are more data in the
> database for this field).
> I even tried to issue "set textsize 8192" after the connection is built,
> but I got no luck.
> Could anybody on this mailing list shed me some light on this? I really
> love this freetds and any help is much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance!
> Ming
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