sybase server sees login, yet freetds can't connect

Dmitry Petrov freetds at
Thu Aug 17 18:31:05 EDT 2000


I am trying to connecy to Sybase SQL Anywhere server from apache+php 
web-server. I tried it with freetds 0.50 and the latest cvs version, PHP 
3.0.16 and PHP 4.0.1pl2.

I managed to solve problems with "unknown marker" errors that I had before, 
yet I still can't connect. I enabled debugging on the Sybase server side 
and this is what I get:

TCP/IP: Received connection request from
TDS 20: login
TDS 20: using TDS version
TDS 20: capability
TDS 20: login: user 'dba', database '', application 'PHP 3.0', host '', 
hostpid '37876', charset 'iso_1'
TDS 20: request complete

Yet, I always get this in error log on my web-server:

DB-Library: Login incorrect

Apparently this means that login/password is wrong, but of course I 
verified it 100 times.

Any idea what vould be wrong? Do I need  to send password in encrypted 
format may be?


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