TDS 4.[26] results

Steven Campbell sammynrg at
Wed Aug 16 09:35:44 EDT 2000

Scott, my only solution is to have two SQL servers on my puny network
here and run a network trace. By default,
SQL server uses RPCs to communicate with itself.

I don't know how that will help you, though.

I do have enough spare server equipment to run two SQL servers, and exec
some queries, whilst running a sniffer on my Solaris box.

Is this of any use to you?

"Scott C. Gray" wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Aug 2000, Steven Campbell wrote:
> > Scott, I am using TDS 4.2 to connect to a M$ SQL Server 7.0. When I try
> > to connect to it using TDS 7.0, batches
> > and stored procedures don't work.
> The good news is that I have TDS 7.0 working for almost every
> major result set type, including batches, stored procedure,
> and compute results...I am still trying to figure out how
> to _call_ rpc's using the TDS RPC mechanism, but I still
> don't have a test program that I can sniff to do it.
> > I won't be very useful for _TRUE_ Sybase support, but I can
> > help with M$ SQL support.
> Thanks.
> -scott
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