Free tds jdbc driver with Sybase ASA 6

nadeem nadeem at
Mon Aug 14 15:16:58 EDT 2000

Hi Helen
I am so surprised and gratefull for the immediate response from the freetds
community. Unfortunately, my question was misunderstood.
1. I am NOT trying to get the freetds jdbc driver working with Sybase ASA. I
am using it for connection to MSSQL 6.5 and 7.0
2. I have good news, I got it working just fine in the test environment and
also inside Powerj. I am trying to figure out myself why the query takes so
long. The answer might be in the way that Powerj makes the calls to the
freetds driver.
3,. I might be getting ALL the newgroup articles which may have nothing to
do with my question. Which I now am realizing.
Anyway, I will be a contributer for the freetds when I have all the kinks
workdedout. I am preparing all this material to write book on Powerj.
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> Do you know a way of finding what port ASA/tds is working on? I don't
> recall having specified anything during the installation, can't find
> anything in the doc, contrary to ASEnterprise where you have a nice
> interfaces file.
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