Free tds jdbc driver with Sybase ASA 6

David Powers Dave at
Mon Aug 14 04:15:35 EDT 2000

FreeTDS is a client application that connects to a server.  The server
listens on whatever port it it configued to do so.

By default MSSQL Server listens on port 1433.  You can verify the actual
port by fumbling through the Enterprise Manager screens or just do a
'netstat -a' from the command line on the database server to see which ports
it is listening on.  If you see 1433 it is a safe bet that is the one.


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> Do you know a way of finding what port ASA/tds is working on? I don't
> recall having specified anything during the installation, can't find
> anything in the doc, contrary to ASEnterprise where you have a nice
> interfaces file.
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