Free tds jdbc driver with Sybase ASA 6

Michael Maraya mmaraya at
Fri Aug 11 12:59:23 EDT 2000

On 08/11/00, ""Helen Dale" <helen.dale at>" wrote:
> I have been trying to connect to my ASA from a Java appli but get an SQL
Exception. What am I doing wrong? Can any one help me please?

I don't think any TDS driver will work with ASA.  If I remember correctly, 
Sybase's Adaptive Server Anywhere is just the new name for Sybase 
SQLAnywhere which was acquired by Sybase from Watcom and I don't think 
Watcom SQL used TDS.  As far as I know, only MS SQL Server and Sybase 
Adaptive Server Enterprise (the new name for Sybase SQL Server) use TDS, 
and different versions at that.

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