select date with ms sql 7.0 SP2

Bob Kline bkline at
Thu Aug 10 10:07:33 EDT 2000

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Julien de Murcia wrote:

> > Can you provide us with enough information (table definition(s), sample
> > data, JDBC version, JDK version, etc.) to be able to reproduce the
> > problem?
> Here are the info
> - sql server version 7.00.839 (but it's working w/ 7.00.623)
> - jdk 1.2.2 (Java HotSpot Server VM(2.0fcs, mixed code, build E)
> I've attached a zip file that contains a little tester and the sql
> definition.
> Unfortunately, I cannot give you the data since it's confidential
> (our web site users account). There are almost 150 000 rows,
> account_update_time should range from 01/01/1999 to now. But I can
> see dates > now with freetds.

Sorry, I can't reproduce the problem (running SQL Server 7.00.842).  
Were the dates off by a small amount?  Were the dates off by random,
sometimes large amounts (like centuries)?  Were there any patterns to
the errors (for example, correct except for the wrong time zone)?  The
more information you provide, the likelier it will be that someone can
diagnose and solve the problem.

A couple of things you might do to provide enough information for me to
see and/or reproduce the problem:

 1. Provide me with a temporary account which only has permission to
    read a view containing the Account_id and Account_update_time from
    a single row from the table (obviously it would need to be a row
    which exhibits the problem).
 2. Turn on the dump log and send the results for a query which 
    demonstrates the problem (first edit out any sensitive information,
    like account passwords).

Bob Kline
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