select date with ms sql 7.0 SP2

Julien de Murcia demurcia at
Thu Aug 10 03:35:13 EDT 2000

Hi everybody

I'am new to this list, so I don't know if this problem has already been
submitted. I've been using freetds on ms sql 7.0, and it use to worked
pefectly. Unfortunately, since someone has patched msql server with SP2  the
db returns wrong dates on select statement. I try to read a date/time column
and convert it  with this code

ResultSet set = statement.executeQuery("select account_update_time from
account where account_id=" + account_id);
while ( {
    String uTime = set.getString("account_update_time").trim();
    long  updateTime   = Timestamp.valueOf(uTime).getTime();

"account_update_time" looks ok with ms query analyser in my db, but  with
freetds some (not all of them) are wrong. I've also tried the same code with
sprinta and it worked Ok.

Julien de Murcia

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