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Wed Aug 9 19:18:36 EDT 2000

Ooops!!! I see: executeUpdate cannot return result sets...

And this is why I can't get nRecords with any value...

Excuse me by my stupid mail...

Thanks to all,

Edson Richter

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  Server: MSSQL 7 SP2
  FreeTDS version: Who knows??? Some snapshot from CVS tree at some time in
the past (earlier than 0.50).
  Java version: JDK 1.3
  Operating System: NT 4.0 SP5

  I'm using prepare call to execute a StoredProcedure.
  At the end of StoredProcedure execution I have 3 results, as I can see
into SQL Query Analizer:


  execute PR_DELUsuario 1, 2

  Result obtained:


  (1 row(s) affected)
  (1 row(s) affected)
  (1 row(s) affected)

  If I use

              call = conn.prepareCall( "PR_DELUsuario ?, ?" );
              call.setString( 1, user );
              call.setString( 2, codigo );

              nRecords = call.executeUpdate( );

  nRecords should not reports "1"???


  Edson Richter

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