Using ODBC on Linux to connect to MS SQL Server

Daniel Bruce Lynes dlynes1 at
Wed Aug 9 05:52:50 EDT 2000

On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, Craig Spannring wrote:

> Daniel Bruce Lynes writes:
>  > On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, Tomaz Borstnar wrote:
>  > 
>  > However, if we want to it to work in a
>  > low-memory environment, libc5 compatibility will be needed eventually and/or
>  > Java2 compatibility for the JDBC driver.
> The FreeTDS JDBC driver is a type 4 driver, that is, written 100% in
> Java.  It doesn't share any code with the FreeTDS C libraries.

Sorry...I should have made myself clearer.  I was only hinting at an alternative
to using the C-based ODBC under libc5 Linux.  Java2 is a natural alternative,
given that a lot of embedded devices in the future will have Java2 embedded on
them, and possibly OCF and JNI.  No need for Linux on such a system.  So, I was
suggesting that getting ODBC to work on libc5 was not a high priority for me.

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