[PHP-DB] MSSQL + FreeTDS and No SQL Errors Returned

Tomaz Borstnar tomaz.borstnar at over.net
Mon Aug 7 00:27:50 EDT 2000

At 11:24 AM 02/08/00, Steven Campbell wrote the following message:
>The other unfortunate is that I don't have a choice but to use FreeTDS.
>Our web servers are FreeBSD or Solaris x86, and under Solaris the Sybase
>ASE TDS libraries aren't included with the SQLAnywhere server, only some
>ODBC libraries, and the NT SQL server doesn't like Sybase's ODBC
>drivers. And on the FreeBSD box, there are _NO_ Sybase TDS libraries
>other than FreeTDS.

You can use ODBC-ODBC bridge like Easysoft's OOB. I use it for udmsearch 
(search engine -  http://search.mnogo.ru) and it works, but was wondering 
about amount of work to make it work with TDS to gain speed. Basically it 
doesn't do anything fancy - mostly just SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, 
because it support many other databases. All database stuff is one file and 
maybe it wouldn't be too much work. Any examples for simple application 
that connect to database, does some SELECT and shows the results?


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