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Okay, just wanted to check. That makes sense to me, seems that
me sitting in front of a windows machine puts me in the minority on
this list, everyone seems to be using Emacs.

I guess that the other thing that I have to consider is that I learned
MVC several years ago and with Java's package 'arrangement' I just
assumed (incorrectly) that everyone loves that and uses it.

I appreciate all your excellent work on providing us this driver!

Thanks Craig,


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Jon Strande writes:
 > 2.) when the snapshot zip files are built, why aren't they packed with
 > correct directory paths so that I can unzip it to my root com directory
 > and just run: javac com\internetcds\jdbc\tds\*.java. When I download a 
 > zip, all I do is extract the source, copy the files to the correct directories and 
 > compile. It works perfectly, PLUS, I can skip all that makefile
 > stuff.

Basically it comes down to philosophical differences.  I believe the
Java compilation model is wrong.  I've always thought the directory
structure for source code should be laid out to make things easy for
the programmer.  IMO, related source files should be in the same
directory.  The Sun philosophy is that the layout should benefit the
compiler.  In Sun's opinion, releated files should be littered all
over the place.

The FreeTDS JDBC driver would have source code spread over several
different directories.  Emacs (my primary IDE) can be setup to work
that way, but it defaults to a less bushy arrangement.

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