Note about the snapshot jar files

Craig Spannring Craig.Spannring at
Thu Aug 3 22:25:27 EDT 2000

The cvs snapshots on
have 3 prebuilt snapshot jar files.

  freetds_snapshot.jar.1_0   This jar file was compiled with JDK1.1.8
                             and should work with JDBC 1.x

  freetds_snapshot.jar.2_0   This jar file was compiled with JDK1.2.2
                             and should work with JDBC 2.x

  freetds_snapshot.jar       This jar file contains a combination of 
                             files from the first two jar files and 
                             should work with both JDBC 1.x and 
                             JDBC 2.x

Snapshot jar files are built around 11:00 UTC whenever the source code
has been updated.

If you dont' really need to compile the driver yourself, it's easiest
to just grab one of these jar files.

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