Document Contains no Data (PHP4.01pl2 on PowerPC & M$SQL7 )

Paul Schaap paul.schaap at
Thu Aug 3 20:09:08 EDT 2000


Thankyou, the php4 snapshot works a treat ! PHP4 still has the PPC (only?) 
compile bug in main/main.c where we have to change :-
                //args = orig_args;
                memcpy(args, orig_args, sizeof(orig_args));
But thats easy, I can now use the much faster PHP4 :-)


Thanks for taking the time to work with freetds & haunt the freetds lists, 
and for that matter visiting Sydney ;-)


On 08/03/00, "Michael Kimsal <michael at>" wrote:
> I've noticed that php4, 4.01 and 4.01pl2 do NOT work with any FreeTDS.
> However, a php4 snapshot ( DOES work.  Go figure.
> That's what we're using to talk to SQL7 right now.  I am hoping that
> things get sorted by php4.02 (which this snapshot is a dev of).
> "McDonald, Jon" wrote:

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