Document Contains no Data (PHP4.01pl2 on PowerPC & M$SQL7 )

McDonald, Jon jonm at
Thu Aug 3 11:29:59 EDT 2000

We have the same exact problem.  PHP3.0.16 works perfectly and PHP4+
fails as you describe.  I believe this is a problem with PHP4+ and
not freetds.  I lean towards a PHP4+ problem since other users are
having trouble with PHP4+ and the Sybase client/server...

P.S. - we're running FreeBSD 4.0 on x86 hardware against M$SQL7

 Jon McDonald
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Hi All,
Hi Brian :-),

I have tried a freetds CVS (tdsver 4.2) from today with PHP4 and get :-

1) For a query returning 1 row it works
2) For a query returning 2 rows the first row is fine and the second row is 
3) For a query returning 3 rows I get 'Document contains no data' and an 
associated 'exit signal Segmentation fault (11)' in the apache error_log

Additionally :-
1) sqsh works perfectly
2) PHP3.0.16 works perfectly

I believe this is a zend/freetds communication layer problem, has anybody 
got a working solution ?


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