preparedStatement problem

Stefan Bodewig bodewig at
Thu Aug 3 08:47:20 EDT 2000

>>>>> "JS" == Jon Strande <jstrande at> writes:

 JS> 1.) why use a jar file on a server side application?

You don't need to. You will only get into trouble with a server side
application that wants to compile your sources (like a JSP engine) if
it finds them. 

Just unjar everything into a "classes" dir and point your server to
it. In Tomcat's case there is some kind of .../classes for those and
.../lib for JARs AFAIK.

 JS> 2.) when the snapshot zip files are built, why aren't they packed
 JS> with correct directory paths so that I can unzip it to my root
 JS> com directory and just run: javac
 JS> com\internetcds\jdbc\tds\*.java.

historical reasons?

 JS> When I download a zip, all I do is extract the source, copy the
 JS> files to the correct directories and compile.

This is not the same world I live in, sorry. For most non Java
applications I use (this is Linux here) it goes more or less like

./configure --horrendous amount of options
make test
make install

For most Java projects this is similar, just drop configure (and
replace make with ant if using jakarta projects).

 JS> 3.) if you do this, and then add \com\ to your classpath, OR copy
 JS> the class files over to your WEB-INF\classes directory you can
 JS> start TOMCAT without having to start it in a source directory.

Bill got into trouble _because_ he started Tomcat from the source
directory, I think you've got it the wrong way around.


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