preparedStatement problem

Jon Strande jstrande at
Thu Aug 3 08:34:01 EDT 2000

Okay, I may be off on a few things here, but please tell me
if I am...

1.) why use a jar file on a server side application? Isn't there a 
performance hit (even a slight one) from accessing class files from a jar?
(I do understand the ease of use issue.)
2.) when the snapshot zip files are built, why aren't they packed with
correct directory paths so that I can unzip it to my root com directory
and just run: javac com\internetcds\jdbc\tds\*.java. When I download a 
zip, all I do is extract the source, copy the files to the correct directories and 
compile. It works perfectly, PLUS, I can skip all that makefile stuff.
3.) if you do this, and then add \com\ to your classpath, OR copy
the class files over to your WEB-INF\classes directory you can start
TOMCAT without having to start it in a source directory.

Just my 2 cents... please tell me if I am missing something here.

Thank you,


P.S. This is not directed to just you Bill, this just an observation along this current

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thanks... that was it, I copied the jar over and
then restarted tomcat from the directory the sources
were in, so it found those first... thanks again.


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