[jdbc] How to make those patch thinggies

Stefan Bodewig bodewig at bost.de
Thu Aug 3 02:41:03 EDT 2000

>>>>> "MM" == Maraya Michael <maraya-michael at dol.gov> writes:

 MM> 7) Test them against Sybase.

I've never done that - no opportunity. But if you can, you should do so
of course.

 MM> 8) Now that you're happy with your revisions, all that's left to
 MM> do is to create the patch.  Take note of the CVS version number
 MM> of the file you've changed and the file name and substitute them
 MM> as appropriate in the line below:

 MM> [type]cvs -d
 MM> :pserver:anon-cvs at freetds.internetcds.com:/Repository diff -u -r
 MM> 1.18 DatabaseMetaData.java > DatabaseMetaData.diff

You don't need to specify the repository once you've checked out the
module, so 

cvs diff -u -r 1.18 DatabaseMetaData.java > DatabaseMetaData.diff

would have the same effect.

And if you're diff'ing against the latest revision in CVS you can omit
the revision. 

cvs diff -u DatabaseMetaData.java > DatabaseMetaData.diff

and just do a "cvs update" from time to time to stay current. 

To generate a diff between your local copy and the current cvs
version, you can simply say

cvs diff -u > local.diff

and combine the patches against all files into a single diff file
patch will happily work on.

The whole method wont work if you are adding files of course.


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