FreeTDS / PHP 3.0.16 Fails on Large Insert

Daniel Bruce Lynes dlynes1 at
Thu Aug 3 02:15:15 EDT 2000

On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Rusty Conover wrote:

> I've fixed this problem by setting the TCP_NODELAY flag with setsockopt() when
> I open the TDS connection.  After I set that socket option flag everything works
> with large queries.

If you need to set the TCP_NODELAY, that suggests an error in the networking
code.  TCP_NODELAY should only be used in certain situations such as
implementation of a telnet client.  For general network applications, it should
never be used...all it serves to do is fragment bandwidth and annoy sysadmins.

If large queries are the source of this, it is because there is so much data
being sent in one direction without ever receiving anything going in the other

Just my two cents worth.

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