[jdbc] How to make those patch thinggies

Maraya Michael maraya-michael at dol.gov
Wed Aug 2 16:34:02 EDT 2000

Okay, it took me a week to figure it out but based on the patches that 
Stefan and Bob have released, I've finally been able to figure out the 
correct way to create those patch thinggies that have been going around.  
If you'd like to contribute to FreeTDS by programming and don't know how to 
do it, here's how (some of this is covered in the FAQ but I copied it over 
for the sake of completeness).  Things which you're supposed to type in 
begin with [type].  Here are the steps:

1) Make sure you have cvs installed on your system.  Head on to 
http://www.cyclic.com/ if you need it or help installing it.

2) Connect to the CVS Repository aptly named Repository:
[type]cvs -d :pserver:anon-cvs at freetds.internetcds.com:/Repository login
You will be prompted for a password, the password is 'anon' without the 
single quotes.

3) Get a local copy of all the JDBC files in the repository:
[type]cvs -d :pserver:anon-cvs at freetds.internetcds.com:/Repository checkout 

4) Now that you've got a copy of the latest source in CVS, you can make the 
appropriate changes to your copy (the directory the files go into is 
determined by your CVS configuration).

5) Compile, build and test your changes.

6) Test your changes again.

7) Test them against Sybase.

8) Now that you're happy with your revisions, all that's left to do is to 
create the patch.  Take note of the CVS version number of the file you've 
changed and the file name and substitute them as appropriate in the line 

[type]cvs -d :pserver:anon-cvs at freetds.internetcds.com:/Repository diff -u 
-r 1.18 DatabaseMetaData.java > DatabaseMetaData.diff

In the example above, I made changes to version 1.18 of 
DatabaseMetaData.java.  Change the version number and file name as 

And that's it!  You can now send the *.diff file to 
freetds-jdbc-bugs at internetcds.com and this mailing list.

Now if someone can tell me how to assimilate someone else's patch into your 
local copy of the repository (resistance is futile), I'll be able to tell 
you what to do with those patch thinggies.

Now for some keywords for people searching the mailing list: diff rcs cvs 
version control revision changes patches patch wincvs contributing 
submission submitting

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